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2010 - Genius Of Live
Tom Tom Club - Genius of Live (2 CD Set)

Release Date: September 28, 2010 | Label: Nacional Records

Genius of Live
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Nacional Records
is proud to announce the release of Tom Tom Club's 'Genius Of Live.' The iconic group's album will feature tracks from the album 'Live At The Club House' as well as remix tributes to the timeless smash hit, "Genius Of Love".


'Live At The Club House'
features Tom Tom Club's effervescent, energetic and upbeat live show while proving their original fusion of hip hop, reggae, Afrobeat and funk is truly timeless. Artists like Ozomatli, Nortec Collective, Money Mark, The Pinker Tones and others remix "Genius Of Love" on the bonus disc.
CD1: "Live at the Clubhouse"
  1. Genius of Love
  2. She's Dangerous
  3. Wordy Rappinghood
  4. Time to Bounce
  5. Punk Lolita
  6. The Man with the 4-Way Hips
  7. As Above so Below
  8. Suboceana
  9. Who Feelin' It
  10. Happiness Can't buy Money
  11. Holy Water
  12. Band Introduction
CD2: "The Genius Remixes"
  1. Genius of Love (Money Mark Remix)
  2. Genius of Love (Ozomatli Remix)
  3. Genius of Love (Bitman Dub Remix)
  4. Genius of Love (The Pinker Tones Remix)
  5. Genius of Love (Kinky Remix)
  6. Genius of Love (Monareta Remix)
  7. Genius of Love (MIS Remix)
  8. Genius of Love (Poncho Remix)
  9. Genius of Love (Isa GT Natural Fun Remix)
  10. Genius of Love (King Coya Remix)
  11. Genius of Love (Senor Coconut Atomtom Remix)


The Band

Tina Weymouth: Bass Guitar & Vocals

Chris Frantz: Drum Kit & Vocals

Steve Scales: Congas, Timbales, Cowbelles & Vocals

Abdou M'Boup: Talking Dum

Victoria Clamp: Vocals & Percussion

Bruce Martin: Keyboards, Timbales, Agogo Belss & Vocals

Robby Aceto: Guitar & Vocals

Mystic Bowie: Vocals & Percussion Featuring The Deep Banana Blackout Horns

Rob Somerville: Tenor Sax

Hope Clayburn: Alto Sax

Bryan Smith: Trombone


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