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Downtown Rockers

2000 - Live @ The Clubhouse
Track List : CD 1
  1. Suboceana
  2. Time To Bounce
  3. Punk Lolita
  4. Soul Fire
  5. Who Feelin' It
  6. Happiness Can't Buy Money
  7. Sand
  8. She's Dangerous
  9. The Man With The 4-Way Hips
Track List : CD 2
  1. Genius Of Love
  2. Band Introduction
  3. You Sexy Thing
  4. Holy Water
  5. Wordy Rappinghood
  6. As Above So Below
  7. 96 Tears
  8. Take Me To The River

The Band

Tina Weymouth: Bass Guitar & Vocals

Chris Frantz: Drum Kit & Vocals

Steve Scales: Congas, Timbales, Cowbelles & Vocals

Abdou M'Boup: Talking Dum

Victoria Clamp: Vocals & Percussion

Bruce Martin: Keyboards, Timbales, Agogo Belss & Vocals

Robby Aceto: Guitar & Vocals

Mystic Bowie: Vocals & Percussion Featuring The Deep Banana Blackout Horns

Rob Somerville: Tenor Sax

Hope Clayburn: Alto Sax

Bryan Smith: Trombone

The Crew

Frank Gallagher: Live Sound And Tour Managment

Steve DeParis: Stage Manager

Jon Hiltz: Monitors

Frank & Tracey Veldkamp: Merchandise


Special Thanks

To our live audiance, and to the work of Gary Kurfirst, Bert Padell, Jake Fine, Pat Marchese, Kathy Byrus, Peter Schwartz, Mike Mory, Peter Matorin, Veronica Gretton, Josh Kurfirst, Doug McKean, Ian Gilchrist, Faith Gaertner, Robin Frantz, Egan Frantz, Bob Kennedy, Joe Kelley, Marc Geiger, Frank & Tracey Veldkamp, Katie Elliott and the Artist Direct team.


Live at the Club House Music Studio at Cock Island in Connecticut on Sunday, October 14, 2002.

Recorded and mixed by Jay Newland

Assisted by Randy Funke

Produced by Chris Frantz & Tina Weymouth

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studio, Portland, Maine

Photos by Bryan Ashley White & Jenny Gorman

Aditional photos by Buddy Dinan

Album Design by Frank Veldkamp

Typesetting by Marleen van Es

Managment by Gary Kurfirst & Chris Hardin at Kurfirst/Blackwell, NYC/LA

Booking by Peter Schwartz at the Agency Group, New York. 212-581-3100.

And by Paul Boswell at The Free Tade Agency, London. 207-739 8872.

© Tip Top Music Inc.




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